Bright & Beautiful

I recently was asked to create wedding stationery and decorations for a clients “re-marriage”. Being second time around my client knew exactly what she wanted, as her first marriage was “what she was expected to have !”

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A winter still life.

Styling is often used to add warmth, atmosphere and personality to a venue or property. Earlier this year I was asked to help my friend add an extra layer to a restaurant she designed and worked on last year. It was almost a year since the restaurant build was complete and had opened, so the staff had been able to get to know the workings of this purpose built kitchen/dining area.

As the winter ski season was looming we got The Alphine Larder ready for winter 2012. Most visitors to the alphine region expect ski and chalet memorabilia. We used old skis, ice skates and timber saws that the restaurant’s owner had collected which were near and dear to him – I am sure there is a story or two where they are concerned – personality. Another favourite for styling restaurants is to create a market place feel with food supplies exposed and used on mass as decoration, the beautiful graphic italian olive oil tins and garlands of chilli, garlic & artichokes add texture and compliment the authenticity of the food. This year we added a twist using books to create a libary feel, who wouldn’t want to sit in the warmth of the sun drenched windows around this fireplace, I know where I would like to be right now – atmosphere ! It is grey wet and raining in Sydney right now !

The natural food garlands - used to mask the kitchen

detail of the ledge above the garlands - the olive oil tins - slight book reference to other books around the dining area.

Old skis and a still life of french books and flowers made from old books.

The old ice skates and more book page flowers - sun streams in through these large windows

Next weekend is the June long weekend in Sydney – the official opening of the Australian ski season – and this year there is already snow.

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One Fine day

Sunday 27th May was the first One Fine Day Bridal fair run by a pretty cool collective of women in the industry. For once Sydney not only produced a great day for the event but the crew involved lifted the level in wedding fairs in Australia – it was so good to be a part of this Fine Day and showcase not only wedding stationery but paper flowers for decoration and or another option to a wedding bouquet.

After all paper flowers are everlasting – in Summer they will never wilt and in winter what more can I say – wow !

Photos courtesy of Studiosomething – as seen on the One Fine day blog.

Flower framework and giant paper flower bouquet

The large paper flower bouquet

The signs & Flower

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an artwork

I have been asked to submit an artwork into a paper artist’s exhibition in Byron Bay opening next weekend. Following are a few pics of my work in progress – “Lost for words ” a fashion coat I have made entirely out of paper – brown paper as the main material details of flowers on the collar and hem made out of an english thesaurus, the coat is lined in vintage wallpaper. Voila !

Hand stitched detail on seams.

The piece hangs from a vintage laundry hanger.

A buckle made from the word "Word " from the thesaurus.

Exhibition opens next weekend as part of Paper Runway’s Paper Trail Byron Bay.

Wish I could be there !

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The Grounds

Last week I got to enjoy the beautiful Sydney weather and was treated to an excursion with some “out of town” friends who love and appreciate good – No great eating premises. I was actually travelling “Out of Town” with them to do some work in their neck of the woods.

The Grounds is beautiful, inside and out, I have attached some quick pics I took, I have so much to say about The Grounds but don’t know where to start ! Enjoy these pics after all, “a picture tells a Thousand words” – I could have taken so many more too.

The beautiful colour green.

The large open doors.

Again that beautiful green colour.

The Hanging pots have the most beautiful orange cords & pully system.

Attention to detail - hanging hooks.

The grounds !

I can only imagine how good this looks at night.

And these.

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Here comes the bride !

A year ago I had the most divine wedding client. I worked closely with the Bride and her mother to create an amazingly colourful wedding – In the mock up stages I created a typical yet beautiful mock up using traditional colours that you would imagine were “The Norm!” for a wedding. My bride contacted me as she was concerned, while the mock up, she said was beautiful and perfect in design, there was something wrong ! It just didn’t suit her and her fiance. She showed me a photo of their favourite room in their house – Colour ! This couple loved colour and wanted this to be a main feature of their wedding from their invites to the church and the reception – this has been my most enjoyable wedding since I started doing them in 1994. We all had FUN !

Happy anniversary Alice & Byron.

Here comes the bride !

The pew ends

The Order of Service booklets

The seating plan

Seating plan detail

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Paper Detail

I have been sick this past week – with the wet and cold weather I caught “the dreaded cold” that has been going around !

A few weeks ago I spent the most beautiful 24 hours at my friend Jos Budge’s place – the aim was to get away and immerse myself in her beautiful country retreat to inspire and stimulate my creative ideas and concepts I have for a big, up and coming project. I was able to meet her talented friend Sara Green who was also staying – Sara runs and owns a Gluten Free catering business, Passionfood, providing delicious and nutritional meals delivered to your door.

It is important to spend quality time with people who have social etiquette.

I took some pictures around Jos’ beautiful property which Jos had already added her touch of paper details to – I did add the flowers to the tree !

The sun came out

Jos had one of my bird garlands up

Only Jos would go to such detail - these pages were hanging in the room I was staying in.

I could not help myself I had to hang some paper love in the garden !

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24 hours !

I had the luxury this short week to experience a great 24 hour of R & R – as life goes on I am becoming relaxed enough to appeciate what a great 24 hours spent with intelligent and great women can do for ones soul ! (to work for ones self a simple 24 hours away from your business is a luxury you often feel guilty taking but a necessary thing we should often do ).

Thank you to Jos Budge and Sara Green for sharing this time together what great conversation about life, food, children and canine family members as well as our divine partners in life.

Time at “The Old Nursery” was the energy and inspiratioon injection I needed.

The best R& R I have ever had !

Beautiful white flowers.

How amazing to have these in the wild not a pot !

Pink flowers everywhere

should these be out in autumn ?

remains of the past !

more past images

remains of the od nursery

the eucalypt forest

The most beautiful tree

A lane to ?

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“Friendship is not about whom you have known the longest, it is about those who came and never left your side !”

I met Glenda Davis when I first started doing wedding stationery in 1994. I was putting the final touches to a friends wedding invite who wanted calligraphy on her stationery – I did not know any calligraphers at the time so looked up adds in local papers and wedding magazines – all the calligraphers I spoke to sounded old and they were busy- I then came across Glenda’s add and phoned her before I knew it we had a burgeoning Wedding Stationery business together which lasted for the next 6 years.

Glenda is finally setting up her studio in the same building as my studio, we are going to be neighbours. !Back side by side !

Glenda in action

Glenda's business name

An invite Glenda has written on for one of my clients

Another invite finished with Glenda's touch.

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Easter Bunnies

April the most beautiful month of the year – the weather is perfect, mostly sunny days a gentle breeze and a coolness to the morning and the thing to top it all off is the long weekend we get to re-energise our mind, bodies and soul, for some a time of reflection. Easter!

Bunnies have popped up everywhere – these are paper bunnies I have been making to hide the yummiest of easter eggs under.

Enjoy the lovely break whatever you are doing.

3 Easter bunnies

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